When I first started writing film criticism, I never imagined I would go on to interview some of my favourite filmmakers and actors. Years later though, I have had the pleasure of sitting opposite the likes of Gus Van Sant, Mark Ruffalo and Xavier Dolan. I've developed quite the taste for interviews, be it an intimate one on one or a cramped round table discussion where you have to fight to get your question in. The following examples are a few of my favourite interviews from the past few years.

Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive was one of the best pictures I saw at least year's Toronto International Film Festival. I had an interview scheduled with Refn but my chances of getting some face time with Ryan Gosling weren't looking very promising. At the last second, as is so often the case at film festivals, a seat opened up to speak with one of Canada's most successful exports. Gosling is intense in person. You can tell press is not something he truly enjoys but you could also tell he was extremely happy with the film. Drive was being released theatrically while the festival was still ongoing so I had to turn our interview around very quickly and still stay on top of the festival itself. Our chat would go on to be the Ottawa Xpress cover story that week. Click here to read my interview with Ryan Gosling.

Surviving Progress was one of those films that didn't register on my radar whatsoever but that fell into my lap (at my editor's request) at the last moment. I'm still so happy that it did because my interview with the documentary's directors, Mathieu Roy and Harold Crooks, was one of the most genuine ones I've ever had. When the interview came out, as a cover story for Montreal's Hour Community, the reaction I received from Roy himself was one of such great admiration and appreciation. It was quite rewarding and I felt very fortunate that I got to do my part in bringing a wider audience to this film. Click here to read my Surviving Progress feature.

One of my first film festival experiences was the Tribeca International Film Festival a few years back. I didn't see too many great films but it was a terrific crash course into the fast paced world of film festival coverage. The highlight of the festival, without question, was meeting Steven Soderbergh and talking to him about The Girlfriend Experience. I am a big fan of Soderbergh's work, including this particular film, and the entire experience, from the private screening to the luxurious 5th Avenue hotel suite where we held the interview, was like a dream. When I found out the article would be published on CBC Arts Online, I was convinced I hadn't yet woken up. Click here to read my interview with Steven Soderbergh.