Joseph Belanger has been writing about film now for more than seven years. What began as a pastime, quickly became a passion and eventually grew into the profession it is today. Over the years, Joseph's skills as a writer have grown exponentially and garnered the attention of The National Post, CBC and The Movie Network. For a while, he was the main film critic for weeklies, Hour Community in Montreal and Xpress in Ottawa. He has been published on popular online sites, Ioncinema and The Toronto Film Scene and is also a regular guest on Montreal's biggest English language talk radio station, CJAD 800. All the while, Joseph has published regular film criticism and interviews on his own personal blog, Black Sheep Reviews.

Joseph is actively seeking new freelance opportunities and would like to present you with samples of his work for your consideration. To demonstrate the range of his writing, Joseph has selected reviews that are both negative and positive, interviews that have been published in a variety of forums and features that present another side of Joseph's personality. His resume can be found past the writing samples below.

Joseph would like to thank you for taking the time to visit his portfolio. And just in case you were curious, Joseph's favourite movie is Annie Hall.

Joseph can be reached at joseph.belanger@gmail.com