From time to time, I am either asked to or I am inspired to write features that are neither interviews nor reviews. These are always challenging because they force me to get out of my comfort zone. If I had more time, I would like to do more of them but they just keep releasing more and more movies every week so time is not something I always have a lot of. Here are two features that I am particularly pleased with.

Last year, the TIFF Bell Lightbox theatre began running a Books on Film Club series. Patrons were asked to read a book and then see the film based on that book and participate in a discussion group led by authorities on the subject. It was a delightful experience, which brought me to The Toronto Film Scene, an online film magazine that focuses on everything film in Toronto. The first book in the series was Susan Orlean's The Orchid Thief, which would become, at least on some small level, Spike Jonze's Adaptation. Click here to read my full analysis of the evening and the adaptation itself.

I was quite sad when I learned that Heath Ledger had passed away. I felt as though Hollywood and the world had just lost one of the most promising talents to come around in years. When The Movie Network asked me to write a piece about his passing, I was honoured to do so.  The piece originally ran on TMN's Movie Entertainment website but the site has since been shut down. Instead, you can still read it on my personal site, Black Sheep Reviews. Click here to read my tribute to Heath Ledger.

As a final suggestion, I leave you with my Summer 2011 Movie Preview, as published in Ottawa's Xpress. It is comedic in tone and exhibits a facet of my personality that does'n often make it into my work. I always enjoy writing pieces like this because I can relax and just be myself. Click here to read my 2011 Summer Movie Preview.